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Behrman Exits, Summary Ignores Too Broad Economic Scope

  	So long John Behrman.  I read all your words. 
  	Thanks.  You think fast and offer our minds a
  	chance to swim to the four points of the compass.
  	Behrman's summary ignored ideas on  maldistribution 
  	of our technological inheritance.  I assume he did this
  	because it is a very broad topic that may be kept outside
  	an appraisal of Microsoft -- if we never had another
  	But many of us assume recessions will come and 
  	go and MS and its large and small rivals ought
  	not to back away from a solution to maldistribution
  	of our inheritance.  
  	In my view this is a general problem; yet
  	digital engineers are in a position to think about
  	new and old types of financing that can keep pace
  	with our inheritance and cure the stifling effect of
  	too little money to carry on our work.
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