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Re: Webcasting to the masses

  Audrie Krause wrote:
  > Bill,
  > Well, can the Real Estate Cafe help Nader's staff set something up for the
  > conference?  If so, the person to contact is Caroline Jonah
  > <caroline@essential.org>.  I'm copying her on this message, since I don't
  > know if she's on the list.
  Audrie & Caroline,
  What would your WISH list be?
  NY Times?
  Does it make sense to do an exclusive arrangement or a "open" format so any
  potential site--from newspapers online, to consumer organizations, to Netscape
  or Microsoft could carry the conference?  The answer to that question has major
  strategic implications:   who is likely to participate, perceived bias,
  broadcast rights (and fees?).  It is not an exaggeration to say such a broadcast
  would be historic and have a worldwide audience (including Al Gore & Bill Gates,
  whether they attend or not) so Essential Information  should decide wisely.  The
  VIP list of panelists would undoubtedly have some insights into how such a
  broadcast should be handled, and contacts and resources to make it happen, too.
  My contacts are with Boston.com, The Boston Globe's supersite.  As you may know,
  The Boston Globe is now owned by The New York Times.  Weren't they involved
  "embargoing" and then breaking the initial conference story anyway?  A web
  broadcast might be an appropriate follow-up, either through their electronic
  publishing or editorial  department.  Let me know if you want me to play a role
  in trying to make this happen, otherwise, I'll just keep throwing out ideas
  hoping others can run with them.
  Bill Wendel
  The Real Estate Cafe