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Re: Webcasting to the masses

  Well, can the Real Estate Cafe help Nader's staff set something up for the
  conference?  If so, the person to contact is Caroline Jonah
  <caroline@essential.org>.  I'm copying her on this message, since I don't
  know if she's on the list.
  >Date: Fri, 31 Oct 1997 23:30:50 -0500
  >From: The Real Estate Cafe <bwendel@realestatecafe.com>
  >> Is there any possibility of setting up a Webcast for some or all of the
  >> conference so people who can't attend in person can participate?  I'm sure
  >> some of the corporate participants would have the resources; perhaps they
  >> would donate the technology and services needed for this.
  >Great idea!  A year ago, The Real Estate Cafe hosted Ralph Nader and a
  >number of leading real estate consumer advocates and technology vendors
  >at an event entitled "Recreating the Real Estate Industry" which was
  >covered "live" on Boston.com's chat line
  >Ironically, Brad Inman, who is now the Chairman of Microsoft's Real
  >Estate Advisory Board, asked the first question over the internet from
  >San Francisco.  If Microsoft experimented with similar online chats to
  >see what real estate consumers, rather than real estate agents and
  >national franchises, would like to see in a real estate site, they would
  >be headed in a more consumer-friendly direction than currently planned
  >for Boardwalk.com.
  >Bill Wendel
  >The Real Estate Cafe
  >221 Concord Avenue
  >Cambridge, MA  02138
  >PS.  A similar chat, with several featured guests, was carried a week
  >before the event to help build awareness.