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Re: Return Economics html trivial debate

  	If this is the word:
  "What everyone who opposes MS needs to know is that there are 
   serious and viable computing  alternatives to all of MS's products. 
   If you're still using MS products slavishly, you're as much a part 
   of the problem as the solution.
  "We need to have a digital Boston Tea Party!!"
  "This is where I am too.  The consumer must be told that there are 
   choices (plural).  They must be told that the choices are ALL better
   alternatives than M$-stuff -- right down the line."
  	Then what about this:
  	A huge hurdle is to hold the hand of those who would
  	use alternative software if they were not afraid to make
  	the change.  Such hand-holding is most often not practical.
  	Even using mostly MS pre-loaded and downloaded stuff,
  	and some from NS and others, the futz factor for non-gurus
  	is monstrous and scary.  I rely on gurus far too often to
  	bring this mother back up.  I've been "into" computers and
  	amateur programming for decades.  But futzing on your own
  	in today's desktop world requires gifts and experience few 
  	users have. You can throw a tea party -- but who will come?
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