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Re: Webcasting to the masses

Is there any possibility of setting up a Webcast for some or all of the
  conference so people who can't attend in person can participate?  I'm sure
  some of the corporate participants would have the resources; perhaps they
  would donate the technology and services needed for this.
Great idea!  A year ago, The Real Estate Cafe hosted Ralph Nader and a number of leading real estate consumer advocates and technology vendors at an event entitled "Recreating the Real Estate Industry" which was covered "live" on Boston.com's chat line

Ironically, Brad Inman, who is now the Chairman of Microsoft's Real Estate Advisory Board, asked the first question over the internet from San Francisco.  If Microsoft experimented with similar online chats to see what real estate consumers, rather than real estate agents and national franchises, would like to see in a real estate site, they would be headed in a more consumer-friendly direction than currently planned for Boardwalk.com.

Bill Wendel
The Real Estate Cafe
221 Concord Avenue
Cambridge, MA  02138

PS.  A similar chat, with several featured guests, was carried a week before the event to help build awareness.