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Re: Start me up -Reply

  On Fri, 31 Oct 1997 12:28:24 -0500 (EST), Sam Goodhope wrote:
  >Now that we are over introductions, I would like to throw out a
  >substantive issue--the ISO's standardization process regarding Java. 
  >What's up with the recent US vote against Java?  How does ANSI fit into
  >the ISO picture?  Who is on the "JC-1" committee?
  My understanding of the ISO standardization process, with which I had
  been closely involved while at Digital through the 1980s, is that it is not 
  without its politics.  
  ISO and ANSI maintain themselves primarily by the sale of standards 
  and recommendation papers.  Technical standards' committees are largely 
  made up of industry participants.  It is my current belief why Sun is 
  maintaining tight control of Java is because, should it move too quickly into 
  these forums (which I believe it would like to), it risks loss of a "level playing 
  field" through Microsoft's economic clout and control tactics. 
  This is my present opinion; I would like to hear more from those closer
  to today's international standardization process, particularly the "election"
  processes of these bodies.
  Erick Andrews