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Re: Return Economics html trivial debate

  Sorry, Hans,
  I did use NSC 4.02 and sent in "html & plaintext". However, the MTA on the list-mill end looks to have tried to translate
  the html. Everybody should send strictly plaintext.
  I am sorry nobody caught my little joke about telex and html. One theme in this debate will be how this or that "changes
  everything" with the effect of exempting a 15 year-old company from 100 year-old laws based on 1,000 year old principles.
  It may work out that way. But, it may not. The Texas/Federal statutes "landed" admiralty law which was hundreds of years
  old when it went on the books. I see no reason why the principles of Common Carriage and Anti-Trust should not be applied
  as rigorously today as ever. Of course, technology has changed. That is what technology has done a lot of since somebody
  put stirrups and non-choking harness on horses in about 200-300 AD. Technology goes to how ancient principles of war and
  commerce are applied, not to whether they are or not.
  Actually, America has gone from mostly "global" commerce, e.g. in slaves, tobacco, cotton and gold, to 80-90% domestic
  production for domestic consumption. The last, great contribution to anti-trust law, and much else, came from Texan Will
  Clayton, a self-made zillionaire who never went to college either but directed the greatest economic minds in the
  english-speaking world through the greatest crises of the first half of this century.
  Will Clayton also built the first modern-type international company in the early part of this century around the cable &
  wireless "e-commerce" technology of his day. He was also a "popular and progressive", but I would also say patriotic,
  southern Democrat. He is best known for creation of the Lend-Lease, Bretton Woods, and Marshall Plan regimes during and
  after WWII. He supported Harry Truman over integratration of the armed forces when Strom Thurman stormed out of the
  Democratic Party. That was not a new issue either, it went back to a disagreement between Generals Bragg and Lee. Bragg was
  Now come Microsofties, pushing a cult of personality and claiming the old rules are off in our cool, new world. The burden
  of proof is on them. I think they owe millions of low-bandwidth, even dead, Americans something better than buzz-words and
  bad typography to make such a fundamental and bizarre claim.
  Hans Reiser wrote:
  > All you folks who hate HTML email need to get used to the notion that technology has moved on.  Sorry.  I miss reading
  > my mail in emacs too.
  > That said, I think the polite thing is to set your browser to send in both HTML and plain text (bytes are cheap, even
  > on a modem, when images are not present).
  > I should also note that for some peculiar reason my Communicator 4.03 failed to handle the HTML from Behrman, and I had
  > to read past the markup.
  > Hans
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