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Re: Question about the AM conference

  I use Linux too, 
  I boot in Windoze about twice a month (for an hour or so)
  I have been whitout any MS OS for a six months period once.
  I have to agree with most of the stuff Mr. Clark says.
  Command you guy at essential.org!!!
  I'm sure you can arrange so this guy gets to the conference for free.
  He represents a lot of people, we could say he represents me also.
  As long as Mr. Clark keeps us Linux users informed, get him in there
  for free, we need to be represented.
  On Fri, 31 Oct 1997, Kendall G. Clark wrote:
  > All,
  > My question about the AM conference is simple:  why does the registration fee
  > have to be so bloody expensive? I am involved in an international effort to
  > create a free operating system for PCs, known as Linux, which has about 10
  > million users worldwide in all aspects of government, business, education,
  > personal use (Linux has more users than Windows NT).
  > The Linux Movement (see http://www.linux.org/) has created a very stable and
  > professional system that completely replaces Microsoft. It is free: everyone
  > by virtue of being human and owning a computer can run Linux without support
  > costs, hidden licensing fees, or other burdensome MS tactics. In other words,
  > the Linux Movement, by the very nature of the case, is about as anti-MS as you
  > can be.
  > Anyway, to get back to the point of this message, I would have liked to attend
  > the AM conference in Washington, and I think my local (Dallas-Fort Worth)
  > Linux Users Group, which boasts about 600 members, and has been around only
  > about 12 months, would have sprung for my airfare.