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Senate Committee Assignments - Ag, Energy, & Env

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  December 6, 1996
  Senate Leadership Makes Committee Assignments
  In preparation for the opening of the 105th Congress in January,
  Republican and Democrat leaders in the Senate have made committee
  assignments.  As with the lists of House assignments posted earlier 
  this week, they are not yet official.  These assignments are 
  subject to approval by the Republican and Democratic Senate
  Below are assignment listings for the Senate standing committees 
  with substantial jurisdiction over legislation affecting 
  environmental policy and public lands management.  
  Committee on Environment and Public Works - 18 members
  Republicans - 10
  John Chafee (RI), Chairman
  John Warner (VA)
  Bob Smith (NH)
  Dirk Kempthorne (ID)
  James Inhofe (OK)
  Craig Thomas (WY)
  Christopher Bond (MO)
  Wayne Allard (CO)
  Tim Hutchinson (AR)
  Jeff Sessions (AL)
  Democrats - 8
  Max Baucus (MT)
  Daniel Patrick Moynihan (NY)
  Frank Lautenberg (NJ)
  Harry Reid (NV)
  Bob Graham (FL)
  Joseph Lieberman (CT)
  Barbara Boxer (CA)
  Ron Wyden (OR)
  Committee on Agriculture - 18 members
  Republicans - 10
  Richard Lugar (IN), Chairman
  Jesse Helms (NC)
  Thad Cochran (MS)
  Mitch McConnell (KY)
  Paul Coverdell (GA)
  Rick Santorum (PA)
  Pat Roberts (KS)
  Charles Grassley (IA)
  Phil Gramm (TX)
  Larry Craig (ID)
  Democrats - 8
  Tom Harkin (IA)
  Patrick Leahy (VT)
  Kent Conrad (ND)
  Thomas Daschle (SD)
  Max Baucus (MT)
  J. Robert Kerrey (NE)
  Mary Landrieu (LA)
  Tim Johnson (SD)
  Committee on Energy and Natural Resources - 20 members
  Republicans - 11
  Frank Murkowski (AK), Chairman
  Pete Domenici (NM)
  Don Nickles (OK)
  Larry Craig (ID)
  Ben Nighthorse Campbell (CO)
  Craig Thomas (WY)
  Jon Kyl (AZ)
  Rod Grams (MN)
  Gordon Smith (OR)
  Slade Gorton (WA)
  Conrad Burns (MT)
  Democrats - 9
  Dale Bumpers (AR)
  Wendell Ford (KY)
  Jeff Bingaman (NM)
  Daniel Akaka (HI)
  Byron Dorgan (ND)
  Bob Graham (FL)
  Ron Wyden (OR)
  Tim Johnson (SD)
  Mary Landrieu (LA)
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