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  Greetings everyone,
  My name is Ray Davis, and I am the new Campaign Coordinator for the
  Boycott Shell/Free Nigeria Campaign.  I have met some of you since coming
  on board at Essential Action, but I hope to be in general contact with all
  of you in the coming months.
  I have been involved in youth and community organizing for about 10 years.
  Many of you may have heard of me through my involvement with anti-racist
  work, and the youth coalition D.C. SCAR.  During that time, I was also
  very involved in the struggle against Apartheid in South Africa.  There
  was also a big Shell Boycott campaign during that time, so I feel that
  this is a very fimiliar adversary that we once again face.  I feel that we
  can build a broad-based movement around chnging Shell policy, freeing
  Ogoni and other political prisoners, and working for democracy in Nigeria.
  I will be available to you as a resource and reference person.  The first
  month here I spent a lot of time on the road at several campuses.  Now, I
  will be in Washington much more often.  Please continue to send you
  updates and questions to us, and we will do our best to get right back to
  you.  We also have materials that can be ordered; in particular a student
  organizing packet ($5), and the video Delta Force ($10).  We will let you
  know as new material becomes available. For those of you who have asked to
  be removed from the list, or have email changes, please be patient.  We
  should have that addressed in about a week or so.
  Again, I hope that we will build a large and successful campaign in 1998.
  Send your ideas and information to us.  My address is Essential Action,
  c/o Ray Davis, P.O. Box 19405, Washington, D.C. 20036.  Phone # is (202)
  387-8030, Fax # is (202) 234-5176.
  Happy Holidays to all of you.
  Ray Davis, Essential Information
  Essential Information			|   Internet:	ray@essential.org