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Check this out!

  Chris King, a St. Louis journalist who has written frequently about MOSOP, 
  received this anonymous press release by fax on Tuesday. Excuse any typos
  please, I had to retype it. --Mira
  O P E R A T I O N  S L A P  S H E L L
  for the imprvement of state highway signs in the St. Louis area.  In a
  pre-dawn raid on November 11th, members of the SRL slapped BOYCOTT SHELL
  stickers on signs directing traffic to Shell Gas stations at approximately
  25 highway exits.
  	We have taken this action two years after Ken Saro-Wiwa was
  awakened at dawn, brought to the gallows in shackles, and hung by the
  Nigerian government. Soldiers videotaped his agonized death, which came
  afte rhe was convicted by kangaroo court with witnesses bribed by Shell
  Oil.  His real crime? Daring to challenge the world's most profitable
  corporation and tenth largest in the world for its destruction of the
  Niger delta.
  	Shell has set its public relations machinery in high gear to
  convince the world that it is a responsible corporate citizen.  In fact,
  Shell has continued its tactics of intimidation and cooptation of the
  Ogoni people. Shell has spent more money to improve their image then to
  improve  the Ogoni environment.  They admit they have made some mistakes,
  but they have obviously not learned from them.  The SHELL RESISTANCE
  LEAGUE has taken this action to expose the truth about Shell's opertions.
  	Killing and destruction from Shell oil operations continue.  It
  continues in Nigeria, where 20 Ogonis await Ken Saro-Wiwa's fate.  It
  continue sin other parts of the Niger River Delta, where oil politics have
  been the basis for tribal conflicts, killing thousands and militarizing
  the region.  It continues in Peru, where Shell's $2.7 billion project in
  the Amazon has exposed the Nahua people to disease, killing 30 - 50 % of
  their population, and where deforestation, water contamination, fuel
  spillage has occurred on the lands of the Machigenga.
  	Shell re-releases its statement of business principles in a PR
  blitz while quietly proposing new projects in Chad and Cameroon without
  completing environmental impact assessment studies or seeking the support
  of the communities involved.  Shell is the biggest oil operator exploring
  the Timor Gap, a project which threatens to further divest the East
  Timorese people of their rights and resources.  And in possibly the
  biggest potential tragedy, Shell has 37.5% investment in a joint venture
  with Occidental Petroleum for exploiting the oil on lands of the U'w a
  people of Colombia, who have threatened to commit mass suicide if the
  project is approved.  Part of the U'wa tribe did just that 400 years ago
  rather than be conquered by the Spanich.
  	The U'wa people have said:  "The U'wa have always had a law that
  existed before the sun and the moon.  We have always taken good care of
  our land, because we have always followed this law.  Our law is our
  culture, our song and our dance.  In this world there are many laws, but
  Mother Earth also has her laws.  Before these laws were respected.  Are
  Occidental and Shell going to respect these laws or not?"
  	The SHELL RESISTANCE LEAGUE calls on the public to join the
  international boycott of Shell, for the Ogoni, for the Nahua, the U'wa,
  and for Mother Earth.
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