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Update on November 10 events in Burlington, VT

  Heads up, New Englanders.
  Anti-Shell sentiment is growing by leaps and bounds in Burlington.
  On Monday night the Burlington Rainforest Action Group, a member of the
  Vermont Coalition for a Free Nigeria, hosted a meeting to
  help organize activities for November 10.
  Here's an update on what we'll be doing:
  We will assemble and peacefully demonstrate against Shell on the corner of
  Dorset and Williston in South Burlington at noon.  Food Not Bombs will
  serve food, african drummers will play music and we will dance and leaflet
  motorists in the streets.  Jim Page, noted political and environmental
  folksinger from Seattle, will also perform.
  At 3:00 pm at the top of Church Street in Burlington a group called
  Liberation theater will perform street theater.
  If anyone needs a place to stay, e-mail me.  
  Hope to see you there!
  Gina Capossela
  The Vermont Coalition for a Free Nigeria