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Long Live Saro-Wiwa! - Madison WI events for Nov. 10

  Hello Friends,
          We will be hosting a series of events in Madison, WI Nov. 10-11 to
  mark the second anniversary of the execution of Ken Saro-Wiwa and the other
  eight brave Ogoni activists, as well as to raise public awareness about the
  need for democracy in Nigeria and accountability for Royal Dutch Shell as
  it continues its support of the brutal Abacha dictatorship.
          Mon. Nov. 10  4:00 pm   Picket and Rally at the Shell Station
                  across from Borders Bookstore on west Univ. Ave. (3300 Univ.)
                  (those who want to bike to the station together should meet
                  in Catacombs Cafe - on UW's Library Mall - about 3:30 pm)
          Mon. Nov. 10  9:30 pm   Candlelight Vigil and Speakout Tribute
                  on the steps of the UW Memorial Union - this will take place
                  right after the lecture by Bobby Seale.  Poems and other
                  writings of Ken Saro-Wiwa will be available for reading.
          Tues. Nov. 11  7:00 pm  Commemoration of Ken Saro-Wiwa in the
                  Frederick Play Circle Theater of the Memorial Union with
                  Prof. Edris Makward. Prof. of French and African Lit. at
                  UW-Madison, who once had Ken Saro Wiwa as a student.
                  There will be a screening of part of the "Drilling Fields,"
                  followed by Prof. Makward's tribute and then discussion.
  For more info contact the UW Greens Infoshop #608-262-9036 or the Cross
  Cultures Committee of the WI Union Directorate #608-263-5593.
       Thanks for honoring those who have made the ultimate sacrifice in our
  ongoing struggle for human dignity and social justice!     - John
  John Peck, c/o UW Greens, 731 State St., Madison WI  53703 #608-262-9036
  "Popular education is the one thing needful in European countries to ensure
  the demolition of government made in ages when might made right, and the
  strong hand alone asserted  authority.  A general enlightenment of the
  popular mind would in turn result in the downfall of tyrannical regimes."
          - UW Regent, A Hyatt Smith, Esq., speech at the  inauguration for
  UW-Madison's first chancellor, John H. Lathrop on Jan. 16, 1850