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Re: Lexis-Nexis Response to Me

  Here is the autoresponder to an e-request for name
  removal.  This note says SSNs are available on the Internet.
   Where?  Does anyone know?
  John Pounders
  >>> LEXIS R-NEXIS R P-Trak
  <p-trak@prod.lexis-nexis.com> 9/19/96  6:32 pm >>>
  This is to confirm that we have received your request to
  have your name deleted from the P-TRAK file.   
  Incorrect information is being distributed on Internet
  newsgroups regarding the data displayed in LEXIS-NEXIS'
  P-TRAK file.  P-TRAK is like an electronic "white pages." 
  The only information displayed is the name of the individual,
  current address and up to two previous addresses and
  telephone number.  In some cases, the individual's maiden
  name may appear and as well as the month and year of
  That is the ONLY information displayed in the P-TRAK file.  
  Contrary to some messages that have been posted to
  some Internet discussion and news groups, the P-TRAK file
  does not contain any credit histories, bank account
  information, personal financial data, mother's maiden name
  or medical histories.  This misinformation has been posted
  over and over again to various news groups.  An example
  of a record appears below: 
  Name:               DOE, JOHN  E
  Current Address:    1066 Anywhere Drive, Dayton, OH  
  Previous Addresses: 106 Somewhere Drive
  		    Dayton, OH 92454
  Birthdate:          9/1965
  Telephone number:   555-1212
  On file since:      6/1/1994
  The information displayed in the P-TRAK file is the type of
  information readily available from public information
  sources such as telephone directories (in print and
  CD-ROM format) and public records maintained by
  government agencies.   
  LEXIS-NEXIS markets the P-TRAK file to the legal
  community for use by general legal practitioners, litigators
  and public attorneys, as well as law enforcement agencies
  and police departments.  These professionals use the
  P-TRAK file to assist in locating litigants, witnesses,
  shareholders, debtors, heirs and beneficiaries. 
  LEXIS-NEXIS is aware of the sensitivities regarding the
  potential misuse of information. Business competitors of
  LEXIS-NEXIS have for some time made Social Security
  numbers available to users of their services. In addition,
  Social Security numbers and other information are available
  on the Internet from a number of sources.  Despite this wide
  availability of Social Security numbers in the market place,
  LEXIS-NEXIS discontinued the display of Social Security
  numbers in the
  P-TRAK file as of  June 11, 1996, eleven days after the
  product was introduced. 
  Through its actions, LEXIS-NEXIS is balancing the privacy
  concerns of the public with the legitimate needs of legal,
  business and government professionals for access to
  accurate sources of publicly available information.  By
  discontinuing the display of Social Security numbers in
  P-TRAK and only providing information that is already
  available to the public from other sources, LEXIS-NEXIS
  believes it has responsibly met the expressed concerns of
  the public.