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Re: ALERT! Privacy Legislations

  In a message dated 96-09-10 16:10:30 EDT, you write:
  << Since I said before that I will not tolerate private emails from you about
   subjects derived from the privacy list, I am posting these all to the list.
  As suspected, your response was precisely what I anticipated. Over the
  months, I have found your comments bizzarre, eccentric, hysterical, and
  inappropriate, not to mention uncivil. I have done my best to overlook them,
  and go on. However, you seem unable to pass up an opportunity to demean, or
  snipe at any writer. Any comment by most anyone gives you an opportunity to
  laud your superiority and contempt upon others, and in the process insult and
  degrade them.
  If Title F was so well known, so widely proliferated, why was this not ALL
  OVER med-privacy. My source was not entirely accurate as to the contents of
  Title F, but the net effect is accurate. And I stand by it. The national
  medical database is a fact, and it will happen, and regardless of the
  terminology, etimology, or minutia, it will happen.
  This last posting from you is all the proof I need. This channel is now
  closed, and I will neither dignify any more of your postings with responses,
  nor bother to read them. You can harrass others at will, but as far as I am
  concerned, you can aim your derrogatory, distasteful, caustic, nihilistic
  comments at someone else. 
  You have crossed the line of decency, and proper net (or any other
  professional) protocol, and I will neither read your insulting postings, nor
  respond to them in the future. I have neither the time, nor the interest in
  reading your rantings.