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Re: ALERT! Privacy Legislations About to be subverted...

  Sorry to hear that the Nashville library system is closed, the stores don't
  sell out-of-town papers or magazines and the local newspapers are deeply
  involved in the conspiracy to keep you uninformed.
  If I pre-digest the information for you, I would make myself the target for
  insinuations of bias. Why not just download the text and read it yourself?
  Or call the Congress (1 202 224-3121) and get a copy of the bill.
  PS:  Isn't 'hillbilly' the kind of classist term, all us lovers of freedom
  and truth should abhor?
  Lew Lorton
  At 07:26 PM 9/9/96 -0400, you wrote:
  >In a message dated 96-09-09 16:45:58 EDT, you write:
  >I live in Nashville, TN, home of the hillbillies, and I read ferociously.
  >There has been no word whatsoever in the local papers about this. YOU may
  >receive great coverage where you are, in the heart of things, but out here in
  >the boonies, we are kept in the dark. 
  >If you were so well versed on this important topic, why didn't you make a
  >posting for the rest of us not-so-well-read, here in med-privacy. 
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