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Re: Rel. of Information - Secondary release (fwd)

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  Date: Tue, 6 Aug 1996 13:07:09 -0500
  From: Lisa Hummel <lisah@rosewood.his.ucsf.EDU>
  To: jbrady@freenet.columbus.oh.us
  Subject: Re: Rel. of Information - Secondary release
  At 01:55 PM 8/5/96 -0500, eabonifa wrote:
  > My question is this :  Can we re-release medical records received from other
  >hospitals?  Example,  a patient called the clinic to request that a copy of his
  >records be sent to his physician in another state.  He did not want his records
  >from his office visits here, but rather the records we received from his doctor
  >in Baltimore.
  We do NOT re-release any information; we only send out copies of
  documentation that originated due to patient care rendered in our
  facilities.  Copies from other health care providers are filed in a separate
  section of the record, under a "Correspondence" divider.  Printed
  instructions on that divider warn that those copies may NOT be redisclosed. 
  The patient in your example should be directed to the physician's office in
  Baltimore where the care was originally rendered.
  Hope this helps!
  Lisa Hummel
  University of California, San Francisco Medical Center
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    I work for UCSF, I don't speak for it.