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Re: Real Example of privacy violation in THE US SENATE

  >In doing some reading the other night I came across a startling example of
  a privacy violation in, of all places, Congress. 
  >In 1989, during the John-Tower-for-Secretary-of-Defence, U.S. 
  >Senate hearings, it was disclosed by several people, among 
  >them an Air Force sergent, xxxxx xxxxxxx, that John Tower 
  >had been allegedly seen 'drunk' at work on numerous occasions.
  >Speaking of moral
  >responsibility, ethics, and Personal responsibility, and CHARACTER, I cite
  this example of the ways we, as a nation, so casually abuse our laws and
  ethical boundaries, for personal or political gain, at the expense of
  patient privacy and confidentiality.
  If naming this person in public testimony by Senator Tower is an egregious
  breach of  "moral responsibility, ethics, and Personal responsibility, and
  CHARACTER", why did  METRA1001@aol.com commit the same offense? 
  Even privacy advocates don't always have the fine-tuned senses for avoiding
  mistakes, it seems. 
  L Lorton