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Interesting Paper

  One of our members over in Denmark has written this paper. Please contact him
  directly for a full copy.
  Automation of Contagion Vigilance
  D. S. Stodolsky
  University of Copenhagen
  Correspondence to:
  David S. Stodolsky
  Tornskadestien 2, st. th.
  DK-2400 Copenhagen NV
  E-Mail: DavidS@dk-online.dk
        : david@euromath.dk
  Voice: +45 38 33 03 30
  Fax: +45 38 33 88 80
  The very long latency between HIV infection and the
  appearance of AIDS imposes extensive information
  processing requirements on partner notification
  efforts. The apparently contradictory needs of
  maintaining the right to privacy of infected persons,
  while simultaneously providing information to persons
  at risk of infection, impose severe security
  requirements. These requirements can be satisfied by a
  Contagion Management System based upon networked
  personal computers of a kind now becoming available.
  Security of information is based upon cryptographic
  protocols that implement anonymous partner
  notification (contact tracing) and privacy preserving
  negotiation. The proposed scheme has the following
  properties: (a) Contact tracing is automated, (b)
  contacts remain anonymous, (c) sensitive information
  is kept private, and (d) risk-conscious users act as
  if sensitive information was public. Optimal health
  protection can thus be obtained while securing
  informational rights.
  Key terms: Preventative health services, patient data
  privacy, real time systems, distributed data bases,
  Subject: Interesting Paper
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