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Re: 95-266.ZS Summary

  In a message dated 96-06-14 09:26:31 EDT, you write:
  To med-pri and my colleague James Brady for bringing us the Summary:
  Thanks for the data. I now understand the original decision by Tobriner
  (1970, Lifshutz v State of Cal) in which the Supreme court held that medical
  records CAN be used against patients. This NEW decision not only affirms that
  original precedent, but it also confirms my suspicion that our Honourable
  jurists CODDLE the criminals (since mental health can't be used against them)
  BUT the rest of us, especially the disabled are fair game for this abuse.
  This confirms my suspicions that criminals are now receiving more
  consideration than regular citizens. For that I am regretful. Grateful thanks
  again to James for the detailed information.
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