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Re: Fwd: U.S. Supreme Court Decision TODAY!!!

  On Fri, 14 Jun 1996, Pete Mitchell wrote:
  > In message <960613192747_134468169@emout16.mail.aol.com> METRA1001@aol.com writes:
  > >
  > ><< This p.m. I heard that today The Supreme Court  ( Justice John ...Souter?)
  > >held that mental health records could not be used AGAINST a patient in a
  > >CRIMINAL CASE; however, it upheld the right to obtain the records (where the
  > >privilege does NOT exist) where a patient puts his physical or mental health
  > >at issue. 
  > Anybody know if this judgement is available on the Net anywhere, or
  > in print?
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  > Regards, Pete Mitchell, Editor, e-Med News - an international newsletter
  > on electronic data in medical applications
  It is now. :+)