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Re: technical knowledge useful for cooperation

  I, for one, accept Lewis' invitation as well as his pledge to put aside 
  ideology for such a learning session.
  Evan Hendricks
  Privacy Times
  PS - Could you keep us informed on the "Master Patient Index?"
  On Sat, 18 May 1996, Lewis Lorton wrote:
  > It seems that some of the contentious issues around S1360 and probably
  > upcoming legislation could be avoided if there was some shared understanding
  > about how the information and security technology works in the healthcare
  > information systems.  This would make arguements from all sides more
  > meaningful and possibly applicable.  
  > I suggest that we get together a workshop on technology and privacy to address:
  >         the way technology is implemented to run information systems 
  >         the mechanism of implementing some of the confidentiality/privacy
  > measures - possibilities and costs
  >         possible mechanisms to plan for increase in privacy/confidentiality
  > in future health care information systems.
  > I volunteer to host the workshop at the Hall of the States and to work on
  > the structure.  If this is of interest, I would like some willing help.
  > One possible strucutre could be short presentations to get people up to
  > speed on some technology basics and then discussions on how to implement
  > various specific concerns in an efficient way - and attempts to assess the
  > costs/benefits of each step.  
  > Perhaps everyone could put aside ideology or specific interests to learn
  > about the problems on both sides and work on solutions, rather than slogans.
  > Lewis Lorton, Executive Director
  > Healthcare Open Systems and Trials