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Master Patient Index Workshop

  >                              ANNOUNCING
  >        Workshops on Components of Computer-based Patient Records
  >             The First Workshop on the Master Patient Index
  >                          Santa Fe, New Mexico
  >                             May 20-22, 1996
  >                       http://www.acl.lanl.gov/cpr
  >Los Alamos National Laboratory (LANL) is teaming up with the Computer-based
  >Patient Record Institute (CPRI), Healthcare Open Systems Trials (HOST),
  >Herman Hospital in Houston TX, The University of Texas Health Science Center
  >at Houston, The Health Care Financing Administration (HCFA) of the US
  >Department of Health and Human Services, The Healthcare Task Force
  >(CORBAmed) of the Object Management Group (OMG) and others to organize a
  >series of workshops aimed at designing and developing functioning building
  >blocks for computer-based patient records (CPRs) as envisioned by the
  >Institute of Medicine (IOM) patient record committee. The first series of
  >workshops will be devoted to developing a non-proprietary master patient
  >index (MPI), accessible through the World Wide Web, and capable of scaling
  >up to a national level.
  >Quality health care depends on continuity of care. Never before have American 
  >health care providers been able to access their patients' medical history, 
  >record of medications, diagnostic study results, or conformance with treatment 
  >protocols with complete assurance that they have all the information on their
  >specific patient. Furthermore, as the health care system shifts away from 
  >encounter-based care to covered lives, it becomes imperative that utilization 
  >be closely managed so information already in the system is catalogued to 
  >reduce costly duplication of effort or wasted resources. Patients must be 
  >tracked across multiple entities to ensure adherence to managed care 
  >contracts. It has been noted that information management is no longer a 
  >records management issue but a risk management issue. 
  >Historically, a health care provider created a master patient index with a
  >limited set of demographic data that, given a patient's name, address, birth
  >date, and possibly mother's maiden name, produced a possible match with a
  >patient's medical record number. As these systems became large and more
  >sophisticated, a probability of a match being correct was provided, but
  >still left the final determination as to the accuracy of the match to the
  >provider who ultimately reviewed the medical record. These master patient
  >indexes were both proprietary and application-specific. There were no common
  >content standards, even for reporting names or dates. Certainly no common
  >unique identification number was used. When multiple sites within the
  >organization began issuing medical records and especially when organizations
  >merged with different MPI systems, it was nearly an impossible task to merge
  >MPIs. Solutions basically centered around extending the registration system,
  >but this soon becomes problematic with large, multi-facility systems.
  >A non-proprietary, standard MPI application which contains identifying
  >information to uniquely identify a patient and point to where all portions
  >of the patient's records are located would facilitate the process of
  >accessing information across the continuum of care. The MPI would act as an
  >umbrella that links registration systems. An indexing system in the master
  >file would provide pointers to records in various applications. The pointers
  >would provide access paths, and security measures, to records from disperate
  >health care organizations. While there currently are proprietary systems
  >that offer solutions within an enterprise, these lack the scalability for a
  >community, regional, or national system and still are not based on content
  >The first workshop in the MPI series will cover:
  >   * An overview of current MPI issues.
  >   * Presentations on current enterprise-wide MPI solutions.
  >   * Break-out sessions using an object-oriented approach to analyzing the
  >     MPI problem domain
  >   * Consensus-building to identify:
  >        o MPI content
  >        o Use case scenarios
  >        o General requirements
  >Subsequent workshops in the MPI series will help produce:
  >   * Implementation-oriented analysis and design documents for the MPI.
  >   * A functioning MPI system for distributed patient records.
  >   * HL-7 gateway to the MPI to help automate populating the MPI with data.
  >   * HL-7 gateway from the MPI to the HL7 SIGOBT OLE systems for
  >     demonstrations.
  >While solving the MPI problem is not a final solution, it is an essential
  >step toward sharing information which is key to achieving continuity of
  >care. Much like HTML opened the Internet to world wide users, the MPI is a
  >foundation block for the CPR which is the primary source of information
  >about an individual's lifetime health status and health care.
  >The MPI workshops are explicitly not focused on extensive modeling.  
  >Instead, we plan to take a rapid prototyping approach that will 
  >eventually produce a functioning, scalable MPI to be distributed widely and
  >to be integrated or interfaced with existing regional or proprietary
  >The organizing committee invites expression of interest.
  >Organizing Committee:
  >Margret Amatayakul, Computer-based Patient Record Institute
  >Tim Brinson, Protocol Systems
  >Don Detmer, University of Virginia
  >David Forslund, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  >Donna Ganzer, Ganzer Network Corporation
  >Ann Hayes, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  >Lewis Lorton, Healthcare Open Systems and Trials
  >David Kilman, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  >Robert Mayes, Health Care Financing Administration
  >David Morgan, Motorola, Massachusetts Institute of Technology
  >Robert Shank, West Virginia University
  >John Silva, United States Air Force
  >Frank Stafford, University of Texas Health Science Center at San Antonio
  >Peter Waegemann, Medical Records Institute
  >William Weems, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston
  >Sandra Zink, Los Alamos National Laboratory
  >                  Registration Information
  >A Reception, with a no-host bar, and Registration will be held on Sunday,
  >May 19, 1996, from 6:00 - 8:00 PM. The first session will begin on Monday,
  >May 20 at 8:00 AM, and the final session is scheduled to end on Wednesday,
  >May 22, at noon.
  >Technical information may be obtained by contacting David Kilman
  >505-667-2350 or (Email: kilmand@lanl.gov).  Fran L Talley, Workshop
  >Coordinator can be contacted at 505-667-5225 (Email: flt@lanl.gov).
  >Space is limited, but it's still not too late! In order to establish your 
  >registration please complete the accompanying form and return it to Fran
  >Talley no later than May 14, 1996. 
  >The Eldorado Hotel is still accepting reservations on a space available
  >basis.  To secure accommodations at the prevailing per diem rate, contact 
  >the hotel directly and refer to the Master Patient Index Workshop meeting. 
  >(The federal per diem rate varies near $99 single or $109 double, deluxe 
  >rooms range from $209 to $279, a 10.25% tax applies to all rooms). 
  >Reservations were to be made by April 4, 1996, to ensure these MPI Workshop 
  >rates.  However, these rates may still be available if you register soon. 
  >     Eldorado Hotel
  >     309 W. San Fransciso St
  >     Santa Fe, New Mexico 86501
  >     800-955-4455 (Reservations) / 505-988-4455
  >Valet parking is available at the Eldorado at the rate of $7 per 24 hour
  >Light refreshments will be served during morning and afternoon breaks. A
  >special dinner is planned for Monday, May 20 at 6:00 PM. Details will be
  >provided at a later date.
  >Rental cars are available at the Albuquerque International Airport. Santa Fe
  >is approximately 1 1/4 hours drive from Albuquerque. Contact Fran L Talley
  >at the number listed above if a map is needed. Shuttlejack bus
  >transportation is also available from the airport directly to the hotel at a
  >cost of $20 each way. Contact Shuttlejack directly at 800-452-2665 (outside
  >of New Mexico) or 505-243-3244 to arrange transportation.
  >Every effort will be made to accomodate special needs of disabled
  >particpants or those with dietary restrictions. If assistance is required,
  >please contact Fran L Talley.
  >Casual dress is appropriate for this workshop. In May days are usually sunny
  >and warm and evenings are cool with daily temperatures running from a high
  >of 69F/21C to a low of 43F/6C. A jacket or sweater is recommended.
  >$7.00 of your registration fee may be used for federally unallowable cost,
  >such as: entertainment or alcoholic beverages. Please provide separate funds
  >for this portion of your fee, otherwise your registration fee payment will
  >be deemed to be unrestricted.
  >                              REGISTRATION FORM
  >                        Master Patient Index Workshop
  >                               Eldorado Hotel
  >                               Santa Fe, New Mexico
  >                               May 20-22, 1996
  >          Name: ___________________________________________________________
  >         Title: ___________________________________________________________
  >  Organization: ___________________________________________________________
  >Street Address: ___________________________________________________________
  >City/State/Zip: ___________________________________________________________
  >         Phone: __________________________ FAX: ___________________________
  >         Email: ___________________________________________________________
  >Registration Fees:
  > $ 90 (before May 14)
  >  120 (after May 14)
  >   30 Additional guest dinner ticket
  >$_______ TOTAL
  >PAYMENT MADE BY: Cash ____ Check _____ Credit Card ____
  >Make checks payable to : Master Patient Index Workshop
  >Credit Card Information: Mastercard _______ Visa ______
  >Account Number _________________________ Expiration Date ____________
  >Signature (Credit Card Orders) ____________________________________________
  >I plan to attend the following:
  >________ Reception (May 19)
  >________ Sessions  (May 20)
  >________ Dinner    (May 20)
  >________ Sessions  (May 21)
  >________ Sessions  (May 22)
  >I would like to present a proposed model for a Master Patient Index system:
  >________ Yes 
  >E-Mail or Fax registration to:
  >     Fran L Talley
  >     (505)667-5225 (phone)
  >     (505)667-7530 (FAX)
  >     flt@lanl.gov  (e-mail)
  >     PA-4, MS P366
  >     Los Alamos National Laboratory
  >     Los Alamos, New Mexico 87545
  Lewis Lorton, Executive Director
  Healthcare Open Systems and Trials