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Re: privacy management companies

  On Sat, 11 May 1996, Bill Fason wrote:
  > At 10:29 AM 5/11/96 -0400, Dick Mills wrote:
  > >Connie Page wrote that she felt that economists undervalue privacy.
  > That's true. These companies buy and sell information about consumers,
  compiling databases which are invaluable to private investigators and
  process servers. We use them to track down people who have walked out on
  their responsibilities, locate heirs and owners, and determine the
  validity of claims. 
  > Yes, I do it for profit. What's the problem?  
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  I see no problems provided one is NOT accessing confidential patient to
  provider medical information without patient's authorization.
  I use those data bases also; don't have time to go on curiosity cruise.
  James D Brady, Columbus, OH
  Jim types for Jim, no other one or entity.