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RE: my last word

  From:	CENTUM::PCK11399     10-MAY-1996 13:52:39.98
  To:	SMTP%"llorton@shell.portal.com"
  CC:	PCK11399
  Subj:	RE: my last word
  Mr. Lorton, a contract with an insurance company to indemnify the insured
  for health care costs is NOT "taking the Queen's shilling" nor is it
  asking someone else to "pay for their medical care".  I do not believe that
  any policy (contract) with the insurance company allows them to have 
  unrestricted access to medical records at this time.  If a company included
  that in that contract of indemnification, I would have the right, under 
  contract law, to refuse the contract.  But under federal law such as is
  being proposed, I will not be able to refuse.  
  If the insurance companies wish to have access to all medical records, let
  them write it in their contracts and see how many takers they have (at least
  among those who read the contract before signing).  If they do not wish to
  indemnify for health care, then let them get out of the business, or indemnify
  something else (i.e. property).  If they cannot make a profit, then get out of
  the business.
  Thanks for listening,
  Connie Page