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AHIMA meeting again this friday

  There will be yet another AHIMA meeting on S. 1360.  Due to a conflict,
  I did not attend the last meeting (I was out of town).  Apparently no one 
  posted notes from the meeting.  I understand it was again chaired by Bob 
  Gellman, and that there was considerable resistance to our proposal to 
  limit the purposes for which Insurance companies could use medical 
  records that were obtained for purposes of authorizing payment for 
  treatment.  It would be nice if Bob Gellman or the CDT people would fill 
  people in a bit on this.  We were represented by Todd Paglia, an 
  attorney, who is just learning about the issue.  I was told that Don 
  Haines from the ACLU did a very good job representing private interests, 
  as did Jim Pyles from the Coalition for Patient Rights.  
  I hope to attend and report on this friday's meeting.
  James Love, love@tap.org
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