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Secrecy and Gag Agreements

  Greetings All,
  Does anyone on the med. privacy list know if copies are available on-line of the various "secrecy" or "gag" agreements that the managed care companies and HMO's are forcing participating doctors to sign before admitting them to the group???
  This has become a major issue here in CA. where Kaiser Permanente has endured some pretty bad press.  It seems that the managed care and HMO cos. are doing everything they can to prevent or restrict a physician from explaining the full range of possible medical interventions to patients... they are only "permitted" to discuss plan authorized procedures and may not disclose any information regarding financial incentives given to the doctors by the managed care co.
  Several editorials have noted the clear ethical bind that these agreements create for doctors - those good folks who, as I understand it, are required by their state licenses to practice pursuant to the Hippocratic Oath where the patients' interest are paramount and certainly not secondary to financial matters.
  Thanks for your collective thoughts.
  Michael E. Carboy