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Re: AHIMA friday meetings on S. 1360

  On Mon, 22 Jan 1996, Robert Gellman wrote:
  > >        Ok.  Are any of your clients firms that are engaged in lobbying on 
  > > S. 1360, even if they didn't hire you?
  > I have no idea.  Will you stop harassing me on this. 
      It's been like pulling teeth, but I'm satisfied with your answer.  You
  seem pretty unhappy that anyone would even raise these questions, but from
  my experience, working in Washington, DC, issues like conflicts of
  interest, following the money, etc seems important.  Maybe in your decade
  plus working for Congress you never noticed problems of this sort, or were
  never impressed by problems presented by the revolving door between
  legislative staff and industry groups.  
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