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Re: AHIMA friday meetings on S. 1360

  I just read the post from Jamie about AHIMA friday meetings on S. 
  1360.  I must be more isolated than I thought, since I found the 
  existence of a "privacy community" actually startling -- almost as 
  startling as having Gellman chair a meeting like that.
  I'm delighted to contemplate the concept of a privacy community.  
  May it thrive.  For those who feel that way, consider that if there 
  were no character like BG, we'd have to invent him.  His posts have 
  single-handedly crystallized my own vague feelings that privacy is 
  critical to American life, and that the right has been sold for the 
  proverbial mess of pottage.  I cannot help but assume the same might 
  be true for others.  Bless him for that.  We should start a fan 
  club, take up a collection & send him on tour to tell the public 
  that "no one had privacy of their medical records, and that on one 
  was going to get any privacy."  Start with TV & talk radio 
  engagements anywhere at all south of DC or west of, well...DC.  That 
  way we wouldn't need to take up a very big collection.
  The conspiracy-minded in the anti-privacy industry probably think BG 
  is a fiction created by Jamie.  Naaahhh...