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Re: revealing birthdate for RX

  Jim typing for Jim (sawing on limb cuz I don't have time to research Q)
  says unlikely there is such a law.  I speculate some twit has probably
  promulgated a decree and it is easier for folks to say there is a law then
  risk reprimand for having the temrity to furnish you the Rx.
  I would probably do something brash like telling them they were stressing
  me out and that I was sending my psychotic boyfriend to get the Rx filled
  and ask them to be kind to him because he was on parole for blowing up a
  pharmacy where help were emulating anii (that conduct MAY be illegal in
  your jurisdiction, so you should check with the authorities before so doing)
  -=> IF <=- dob or age data is the law THEN there is a legal reference; 
  politely demand citation of authority.  IF there is no such law, what
  would forbid giving a false dob (again, check with local authorities to
  avoid risk of prosecution).
  God gave us Sophocles so he could write _Oedipus, King of Thebes_ so we
  would have a word to describe such persons you have typed about.
  James D Brady, Columbus, Ohio