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revealing birthdate for RX

  I live in NY and a pharmacist refused to fill my prescription
  because I would not give my age in a store full of people, stating
  that he has my SS# on the back of my membership card.  
  I checked with Advoc. office and was told:  There is no law that
  you must give it.  I went to a new pharmacist and they have a
  big sign:  You must give it.
  I filed a complaint and am told by investigator:  There is no
  such law.
  My HMO wrote me a letter saying:  It is a law and you must give
  it, that they follow the rules of CONNECTICUT (I am in the New
  York chapter), and then in a subsequent phone conversation the
  girl told me:  It is FEDERAL which means nationwide.
  Does anyone know if there is a LAW and if so, which law, in NEW
  YORK stating I cannot get a RX filled UNLESS I GIVE MY BIRTHDATE?
  Thanks for your help.
  Ann Dellarocco
  Internet: anndell@rdz.stjohns.edu