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Re: Warry in Nader's visit to Japan

  Mr. Okabe,.....  I share your concerns.  Ralph is not at all comfortable
  with computers......  even though his own staff makes very extensive use
  of the Internet.  We have almost given up trying to change him, at this
  point in his career.  So I can't promise much.  I did tell him before he
  left a story about how some posts on the Internet that I had sent found
  their way into a the proceedings of a conference in New Delhi on patents
  and the GATT, by members of the Indian Parliament -- trying to illustrate
  the importance of the Internet in ways that were not apparent to him. 
  On Mon, 25 Nov 1996, Kazuaki Okabe wrote:
  > Jamie,
  > I really want Nader give mentioning about FOIR-Japan list when he 
  > visits Japan this week. It is a positive, concrete tool to strengthen 
  > the relations between both countries' FOIR movemements. I hope more of 
  > the serious Japanese FOIR activists join this information exchange. 
  > I wish Nader's visit and your visit this year are mutually reinforcing 
  > to show a wider scope of the FOIR issue. I heard Nader doesn't like 
  > computer and that he still uses typewriter. I warry that his careless 
  > words against using computer are easily treated as descriditing what 
  > you said three months ago (and what we are begining to do right now), 
  > by those who doesn't like computer. Some people, especially older 
  > people who have power in the Japanese movement, don't like computer. 
  > Of course, it is understandable that people hate computer, especially 
  > in Japan where access to it is limited. And it is right that Nader 
  > criticizes techno-elitism. But I hope he is considerate enough for his 
  > words not to damage our still fragil movement. I hope Japanese elders 
  > are as generous as Nader, who at least allows younger people in his 
  > organizations take a new approach to the FOIR issue.
  > Sorry for this vague comment, but this warry is real.
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