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Statement against network censorship in Japan

  Hi, friends. This is my first post to this list. I am a member of anti
  censorship movement in the Internet in Japan.
  We launch anti censorship statement movement in Japan. The statment is now
  appeared in Japanese language only.In two days after appearing the
  statment, 40 persons agree with the statement and send their messages.
  If your computer can read in Japanese, please contact to following
  homepage. And If you can understand Japanse language, please read the
  statement and send your message to me.
  The Internet situation in Japan becomes more suffocating. Some departments
  in Japanese government have plans to regulate and censor the Internet
  contents. For example,
  1. MITI and Electronic Network Consortium made Ethic Guideline public
  without any discussion with the Internet users.
  2. The Ministry of Post and Telecommunication has a plan to revise
  Telecommunication law in order to interfere communication secrecy. (please
  see below URL
  3. The Ministry of Justice prepare to propose new law for wiretapping as legal.
  I will post the ststement in English as soon as possible. My best regards.
  Toshimaru Ogura
  another world Home Page