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Re: WIPO Conference - Press Briefing (fwd)

  At 05:08 AM 12/6/96 -0500, you wrote:
  >Info-Policy-Notes - A newsletter available from listproc@tap.org
  >December 5, 1996
  >The World Intellectual Property Organization (WIPO) is meeting from
  >December 2 to 20 on three treaties that would greatly restrict the public's
  >rights to use information.  The following is the annoucement for a press
  >briefing I gave on the treaties at the United Nations, in Geneva,
  >thrusday, December 5, 1996.  IMHO, the briefing went well.  jamie
  >James Love, Director, Consumer Project on Technology
  >Center for Study of Responsive Law, Washington, DC
  >In Geneva, until Sunday, at 734-9813; thereafter 01.202.387.8030
  >     Intellectual Property is the "capital stock" of the next century, and
  >the rules are important -- too important to decide in a hastily convened
  >conference such as this WIPO meeting.  The WIPO delegates are being asked
  >to ratify proposals for every country, which have never been tried in any
  etc., etc.
  I thought I subscribed to an ISDN mailing list. I must
  have been mistaken.