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Re: Another point of view

  Bill Frezza is both grinding an axe which won't take an edge (his lifelong
  libertarian obsessions) and engaging in serious conflict of interest
  regarding his consulting business.   How can anyone take this seriously?
  The last time he weighed in on keeping ISDN rates high he was frantically
  consulting to wireless companies who relied on the ISDN price umbrella to
  launch their services.  He repeatedly stressed that he didn't care what
  happened to the other businesses which (and consumers who) would benefit
  from realistic ISDN prices because they weren't paying his bills.  This is
  pure hypocricy.
  Using a circuit swtiched fabric to support a packet swtiched traffic
  pattern is not a market outcome it's the idiocy of telco planners who can't
  figure out tommorrow's weather.  Everyone is busy "Internetizing" their
  businesses and now the telcos are reverting to longstanding behavior
  patterns -- by trying to gouge the Internet user.  
  Roll out technology which will slash data prices or suffer the consequences
  of your own stupidity.  Drop the ideology (and the self-serving rhetoric)
  and get serious.  These matters are too important for such childishness.
  Mark Stahlman
  New Media Associates
  New York City