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Shiva Corp. Offers ISDN Line Service

  --> SHVA <--
  11/26/96 Shiva Corp. Offers ISDN Line Service >SHVA
  BEDFORD, Mass. (Dow Jones)--Shiva Corp. (SHVA) began offering
  Provision Plus, a service that allows its customers to bypass
  regional bell operating companies to order ISDN lines directly
  from Shiva.
    In a press release, the company, which provides remote access
  equipment and services, said it will initiate a line order, test
  the line and provide a 30-day warranty.
    Shiva said it can now provide, install and maintain basic rate
  interface and primary rate interface ISDN lines for its
    Provision Plus is available beginning at $30, depending on the
  service provided.
     1:34 PM