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Fred Goldstein critique of Bell Atlantic ISDN Cost Studies

  James Love wrote in a message to Mike Bilow:
   JL>         This is Fred Goldstein's testimony to the Maryland
   JL> Public Services Commission on the ISDN tariff.  It contains
   JL> a devastating critique of the Bell Atlantic cost study for
   JL> ISDN pricing. It is rather technical, but I am posting it
   JL> because of the importance of the critique of the Bell
   JL> Atlantic's statements regarding the Interent and network
   JL> congestion.  
  I would say that "devastating" is an understatement.  Fred all but says that
  the Bell Atlantic people can't add and subtract.  I suppose this shows the
  truth of the old adage that you shouldn't argue with someone who has a PDP-11
  in his basement. :-)
  -- Mike