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Re: A DOV technical question

  At 06:42 PM 11/4/96 -0000, Mike Bilow wrote:
  >Ooh!  That's interesting.  In neighboring RI, we have a "call set-up" charge.
  Well, we do have a per-call setup charge here too.  But it's not quite
  like in NY.
  In New York, a resi call is 10.6 cents untimed.  This is supposed to account
  for most of the cost of the average zone 1 call.  There is no flat rate plan.
  There is a slightly cheaper timed option, which corresponds to business rates.
  In MA, a measured-resi call, including ISDN data, is 1 cent per call for
  setup plus 1.6 cents per minute zone 1, 5.5 cents zone 2.  The 1c is much
  lower than it used to be.  It probably covers just the cost of measuring
  the call.  The per-minute rates, on the other hand, are "contributory",
  which is telco-speak for "obscenely profitable".
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