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Re: IP: Pac Bell says Net use may collapse phone system

  As a residential energy consultant, I have connected to <isdn@essential.org>,
  since my own tel bill is 3x's my energy bill. 
  We are getting mostly what we call comfort complaints - "how come the kitchen
  so cold" or "my daughter is always complaining how cold her room is".  So,
  basically people are not looking to save energy or $$ - just not to be
  screwed by the utility or why pay for something that is not producing what
  they perceive as wanted or needed.
  While the energy nets rarely talks turkey - you guys seem to be really into
  it lately !!
  We are (and hope to have been) a reasonably heavy user of AOL & a new ISDN
  user (thru PSINet) - how do you explain the repeated cutoff & busy signals
  that AOL users get & why do they accept it ??
  Are there independent consultants that will look at residential bills to see
  what might be the best deal for them ??  (Looking at energy use seems to be a
  piece of cake compared to tel. use)
  Frazer Dougherty		doughf@mindspring.com
  North Fork Retrofit		doughf@aol.com (fallback)
  website: http://members.aol.com/nfretrofit/nfrindex.htm