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Re: NYNEX and voice dialing.

  I have a simple telephony question for anyone in the know to answer.
  How can I get my ibmpc-compatible modem to dial immediately
  without waiting to detect a dial tone?
  Why do I need to do this?  Because through NYNEX I subscribe
  to the "Voice Dialing" service which disables the dial-tone (after 
  a half-second) and listens for a voice command (e.g. if I say
  "mother" the service begins dialing ny nother's phone number).
  But this clashes with my modem which seems hard-wired to detect
  a dial-tone prior to dialing.
  NYNEX's answer is for me to dial *98 and then hang-up prior
  to using my modem.  This manual procedure is less than satisfying,
  to say the least.  I cannot automate this *98 technique, because
  my modem won't dial *98 until it detects a dial-tone!
  I am running Windows NT 4.0.
  Any help would be appreciated.  Thank you.
  -Rich Lavallee