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Re: IP: Pac Bell says Net use may collapse phone system

      Again, you have qualified this extensively, and I appreciate that.
  >But as a crude first approximation,,,, do you see our point?  If the 
  >ISP's only have one incoming line per every 10 to 20 customers, I don't 
  >see how the internet users differ that much in peak patterns from the 
  >voice network.  
  1 residential line consumes 3 CCS on average, while 1 ISP line
  consumes 36 CCS on average. Therefore the fixed resource consumption
  is over 10 times as much for an ISP line. The calling rate per line
  is not the big issue, it's the holding time. While a call is up a
  64k digital channel is being held up thourgh the fabric of the switching
  network. Rates are based on CCS consumption. Should an ISP pay ten times
  as much for a line than a residential customer? Should a residential
  customer pay more if they are having long holding times? Why should a
  normal voice only residenital customer pay more to subsidize long
  holding pattern callers? Cleary there needs to more emphazize on a user
  pay structure to allow greater investment in switching plant to occur.
  ISP's that underprovision thier lines and oversell their accounts (no one
  does that right?) cause another headache for the telco. Everytime a caller
  gets busy, they call back again and again and again. This creates large volumes
  of uncompleted calls all of which consume switch resources. When an ISP's
  incoming line pool closely matches what their requirements really are their
  impact on the switching fabric is reduced.
  Seems to me we need more cooperation between the telco and ISP communitty. Both
  need each other. The ISP's can't currently survive without the Telco's lines and
  the Telco's need the extra renevue generated by the growth in local loop
  that occurs both at the ISP end and the residential end.