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ISDN in Virginia

  			Virginia ISDN
  	The Virginia State Corporation Commission has issued a request for
  public comments on Bell Atlantic's ISDN offering.  This request ends
  several months of speculation and misrepresentations by Bell Atlantic that
  the State Corporation Commission simply approved the ISDN tariff.  It is
  Virginia's procedure to allow a tariff with lower rates than the one
  existing to go into effect automatically.  This is, as Bell Atlantic is
  well aware, not a decision on the merits of the tariff.  Bell Atlantic has
  been less than accurate in portraying the details of this case. 
  	The comments are due by November 15, 1996, they should prominently
  refer to "Case No.  PUC950078," and be sent to the following address: 
  			William J. Bridge, Clerk
  			State Corporation Commission
  			C/O Document Control Center
  			PO Box 2118
  			Richmond, VA  23218
  	Our web pages have additional information for those interested in
  filing comments:
    Bell Atlantic Action - http://www.essential.org/cpt/isdn/bellnews.html
    ISDN Generally - http://www.essential.org/cpt/isdn/isdn.html
  	I encourage all who are even remotely interested in ISDN to send
  in comments.  The State Corporation Commission is receptive to such
  information and a strong showing of interest will contribute significantly
  to obtaining fair and reasonable ISDN rates. 
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