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CyberSWITCH Release

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  > Cabletron Unveils New Line of Easy to Use, Powerful Remote Access
  > Products for the Small and Home Office
  > Top Intranet Provider Delivers Feature-Rich CyberSWITCH ISDN Line At
  > Industry-Leading Introductory Price of $649
  > Contact:
  > Rich Teplitsky, Cabletron Systems, (603) 337-1356 or e-mail:
  > rteplits@ctron.com
  > ROCHESTER, NH -- August 12, 1996 -- Cabletron Systems (NYSE:CS), the
  > leading provider of high-performance intranet solutions, today
  > announced a new line of Remote Access ISDN products designed for the
  > needs of the small and home office (SOHO). The CyberSWITCH 100 family
  > of personal ISDN routers, Cabletron's aggressive foray into the
  > burgeoning Remote Access marketplace, delivers remarkable value, ease
  > of use, performance and management for the home or small office equal
  > to Cabletron's corporate intranet products.
  > Additionally, the CyberSWITCH 100 line carries an introductory price
  > starting at $649 US, delivering functionality and performance only
  > available at more than double the price from other Remote Access
  > vendors. These Cabletron-developed products will also complement and
  > interoperate with the head-end/enterprise products being incorporated
  > from Cabletron's recent acquisition of Network Express, thus expanding
  > Cabletron's complete range of Remote Access products from the central
  > office to the individual home or small office user.
  > The CyberSWITCH 100 family provides telecommuters, remote offices and
  > individual web surfers high speed dial-up access to corporate
  > intranets and the Internet using the advanced and reliable technology
  > of the Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) over existing phone
  > lines.
  > How ISDN Works: Twenty Times The Speed Of Conventional Modems
  > The ISDN Basic Rate Interface (BRI) uses a single phone line and
  > provides two user (bearer) channels of 64 Kilobytes (Kbps) and a
  > signal (D) channel of 16 Kbps for communications with the telephone
  > network. Thus, the two B channels can carry voice, video and data
  > starting at 128Kbps and up to 512Kbps with the CyberSWITCH's built-in
  > data compression, nearly 20 times faster than today's conventional
  > analog modems used with most computers.
  > In addition, ISDN offers the flexibility of using the same line
  > simultaneously for additional devices such as traditional analog
  > modems, fax machines or even telephones, further enhancing the value
  > and versatility for the end user. For the remote office, a single
  > CyberSWITCH 100 can be utilized by unlimited users for cost-efficient
  > Remote Access.
  > The Exploding SOHO Market: Ethernet Comes Home Over ISDN
  > The rapid growth of the Internet and the boom in telecommuting has
  > precipitated the need for high -speed Remote Access devices and
  > technologies such as ISDN and Frame Relay. According to the
  > GartnerGroup, more than 55 million worldwide users will be regular
  > telecommuters by the year 2000, with expenditures as much as $82.5
  > billion in Remote Access training and accessories.
  > At an estimated cost of $1,000 or more per user, corporations and
  > individual users are expecting personal ISDN routers to become less
  > costly to acquire and easier to set up, operate and manage. "The
  > CyberSWITCH 100 line establishes a strong presence for Cabletron in
  > the Remote Access SOHO market while raising the bar for the
  > competition," said Chris Oliver, director of manufacturing and
  > engineering for Cabletron Systems. "We've carefully engineered the
  > usability features and performance into the CyberSWITCH from the
  > start, giving the home or remote office user the same ease of use,
  > reliability and legendary service and support that Cabletron delivers
  > to the enterprise network. In addition, we're delivering incredible
  > value with our introductory pricing at half the cost of a comparable
  > ISDN product from Ascend, Cisco or Gandalf."
  > Security and Interoperability
  > The Cabletron CyberSWITCH family is standards-compliant, using
  > industry-standard security features, protocols and network management
  > tools. Security with PAP and CHAP (PPP) user authentication as well as
  > firewall building and bridging filters helps prevent unauthorized or
  > inadvertent access to critical corporate or user resources. The
  > standards-compliant CyberSWITCH interoperates with other vendors'
  > compliant products, assuring ease of use and investment protection.
  > QuickSET Utility: The End of ISDN Install Woes
  > Every product in Cabletron's CyberSWITCH line comes complete with a
  > revolutionary installation package on CD called QuickSET. QuickSET's
  > graphical user interface (GUI) for Windows95 or WindowsNT guides both
  > novice or advanced users through a brief set up and installation
  > process.
  > Competing products have produced configuration nightmares for end
  > users, usually resulting in endless and frustrating support calls, a
  > network administrator house call or returned products. QuickSET was
  > engineered with true plug-and-play configuration in mind, easing the
  > ISDN install process for the end user and network administrator or as
  > a turn-key solution for service providers.
  > "The QuickSET installation package is unique and definitely
  > differentiates the CyberSWITCH line," said Glenn Gabriel Ben-Yosef,
  > president of Clear Thinking Research of Boston, MA. "Easier
  > installation and set-up will help reduce some of the true costs of
  > providing corporate Remote Access while also appealing to the home
  > user who's on his own without a help desk."
  > The QuickSET utility walks users through a brief six-step,
  > no-tools-involved process, providing connectivity from the CyberSWITCH
  > to the 10Base-T Ethernet Network Interface Card on their PC.
  > The brief instruction manual is supported with context-sensitive
  > on-line help on the CD, making the entire process as streamlined and
  > user-friendly as possible. Should users require technical assistance,
  > Cabletron's superior service and support organization will extend the
  > same level of prompt attention that corporate customers have come to
  > depend on. Technical phone support from 8-8 EST in addition to
  > CompuServe, ftp/telnet, Internet Mail and Cabletron's Web Site will
  > all be at the disposal of CyberSWITCH users should the need arise for
  > assistance.
  > Pricing and Availability
  >  CyberSWITCH   ISDN with S/T $1195       $649           IMMEDIATELY
  >  CSX101        Interface
  >  CyberSWITCH   ISDN with S/T $1395       $795           IMMEDIATELY
  >  CSX101-IPX    Interface
  >                with IPX
  >  CyberSWITCH   ISDN with S/T $1395       $649           IMMEDIATELY
  >  CSX103        & U Interface
  >  Cyber SWITCH  ISDN with S/T $1395       $795           IMMEDIATELY
  >  CSX103-IPX    & U Interface
  >                w/ IPX
  >  MR9T          9-port        $695        $149           IMMEDIATELY
  >                Ethernet
  >                Repeater
  >  CyberSWITCH 105   ISDN with S/T & U $1495            90 Days
  >                    Interface, US
  >                    2-line POTS
  >  CyberSWITCH       ISDN with S/T & U $1695            90 Days
  >  105-IPX           Interface, IPX
  >                    and US 2-line
  >                    POTS
  >  CSX100-IPX-UGK    IPX Upgrade Kit   $200             90 Days
  >  CyberSWITCH       Console Cable     N/C              90 Days
  >  CSX100-CON-OPT    configurations in
  >                    Macintosh and PCs
  >                    not running
  >                    Windows '95 or NT
  > Cabletron Systems is the recognized leader in providing
  > high-performance intranetworking solutions, including LAN and ATM
  > switches and advanced network and systems management software. Under
  > its Synthesis product framework, Cabletron markets products throughout
  > the world for linking and managing enterprise-wide networks.
  > With corporate headquarters in Rochester, NH, Cabletron employs over
  > 5,700 people worldwide. Cabletron¼s common stock is traded over the
  > New York Stock Exchange under the symbol CS. Over the last four
  > quarters, the company has reported record revenue of $1.1 billion.
  > Cabletron's World Wide Web site can be reached on the Internet at
  > http://www.cabletron.com/.
  > Cabletron, CyberSWITCH, and QuickSET are trademarks or registered
  > trademarks of Cabletron Systems.
  > "The Stuff Intranets Are Made Of" is a service mark of Cabletron
  > Systems. All other products or services found in this document are
  > identified by the trademarks or service marks of their respective
  > companies or organizations.
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