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Re: BA-MD Puts Elementary Students On Info Superhighway (fwd)

  At 09:40 PM 9/10/96 -0400, Charles R. MacDonald wrote:
  >> Guess the rest of us pay rates high enough to make up for it!
  >Ah but, this is a "prime the pump exercise"  NOW everyone will NEED a 
  >special ISDN link to the schools lan and THEN through the internet, (note 
  >not the other way around)  IN two years when teh scoll is sold on the 
  >idea, BA will be happy to sell you the package, (perhaps complete with a 
  >Packard-bell or other "fine" computer made to BA specs)
  If this were to be propagated more widely, then BA would be most likely
  to promote it to schools as Centrex.  It's likely that the students who
  attend a single public elementary school are served by the same wire
  center, and therefore could have Centrex at "local" rates (under $50 a
  month, I'd guess, and they're allowed to fudge it).  Calls within a Centrex
  group are free; the school would have to be the customer, of course, so
  the lines would have to be fully restricted to intra-Centrex calling.  They
  view ISDN as a way to sell Centrex, not as a valid product by itself.
  Remember that at BA, Centrex isn't everything, it's the ONLY thing.  (And
  Vince Lombardi is the name of a service area on the NJ Turnpike.)
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