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Re: BA-MD Puts Elementary Students On Info Superhighway (fwd)

  On Mon, 9 Sep 1996, David Lesher wrote:
  > Bell Atlantic sez:
  >                        INFORMATION SUPERHIGHWAY 
  >  These computers are linked to 
  > the school and to each other through Bell Atlantic's ISDN (Integrated 
  > Services Digital Network) technology with full access to the LAN and 
  > its capabilities.  
  > Computers were purchased by Bell Atlantic and donated to the Baltimore 
  > County Public School System.  There is no charge to students for the 
  > PCs or telecommunications services.  
  > ....................
  > Guess the rest of us pay rates high enough to make up for it!
  Ah but, this is a "prime the pump exercise"  NOW everyone will NEED a 
  special ISDN link to the schools lan and THEN through the internet, (note 
  not the other way around)  IN two years when teh scoll is sold on the 
  idea, BA will be happy to sell you the package, (perhaps complete with a 
  Packard-bell or other "fine" computer made to BA specs)
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