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Warning: Order Calif. ISDN before Aug 2

  If you are thinking about ordering a residential ISDN line in
  California Pacific Bell territory, you should quit thinking and place
  your order before August 2.  The Pacific Bell tariff calls for a $125
  installation fee for the ISDN feature, in addition to the $34.75 fee
  for installing any residential line.  So far they have been waiving
  the $125 charge as long as you keep the line for two years, but I
  believe that this waiver will expire on August 2 and any lines ordered
  after that will really be charged the $125.
  I could be wrong about this, but here is why I believe it:  the
  current tariff for Pacific Bell residential ISDN is an interim one
  that was scheduled to terminate on August 2 and be replaced by a new
  permanent tariff.  But the permanent one is still under litigation at
  the Public Utilities Commission, so Pacific Bell filed an "Advice
  Letter" with the PUC extending the interim tariff until the PUC issues
  a decision on the replacement permanent tariff.  I have not seen this
  advice letter, but I strongly suspect that it does not ask for an
  extention of the installation fee waiver, so that portion of the
  interim tariff would expire on August 2 and therefore the $125 charge
  would begin on that date.
  To confirm my thinking, and if I am right to place your order, call