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ISDN Oklahoma (was: ISDN Rate Increase In Alabama (fwd))

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  * Original dated: Jul 26 '96, 19:36
  In a message of <Jul 26 16:55>, Mike Bilow (1:323/107) writes:
   MB> If you live in another state I urge you to contact your PSC to 
   MB> see if Bell South is attempting the same thing there.
  Southwestern Bell just did it to us - to give you an idea of how it works here,
  this is the first time they've ever applied for a tarriff for ISDN - until now,
  it's been an "enhanced service".  They requested that there be "no public
  notice or hearing on the cause", the Oklahoma Corporation Commission agreed to
  it, and here's what we got:
  $250.00 install, then a base rate of $45.50/mo plus the "network plan" of your
      $23.50/month unlimited
      $18.00/month for 4800 minutes + $.02/minute over 4800
  If you don't live near the central office, you also have to pay for a repeater
  or two at an additional $75.00/month.
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