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RE: ISDN Rate Increase In Alabama (fwd)

  Is the pricing for the metered service on there?  Also, how does one
  contact their Public Service Commision (I'm in NC)?
  Jason Nash, CNE, MCSE
  >From: 	David Lesher[SMTP:wb8foz@nrk.com]
  >Sent: 	Friday, July 26, 1996 9:54 AM
  >To: 	Multiple recipients of list
  >Subject: 	ISDN Rate Increase In Alabama (fwd)
  >Just received a FAX from Ms. Roberts.  Bell South submitted a
  >proposed tarriff change for Megalink ISDN service.  The service is
  >to be changed from flat rate to "volumn usage" (metered service).
  >They propose the change become effective on Aug 24, 1996.  What is
  >especially naueous about the proposal is that the cover letter
  >to the secretary of the PSC clearly states "No revenue analyis
  >has been made.".  If no analysis has been made, why is the change
  >necessary and desirable?  Everyone of the people I've talked to so
  >far admits this is a valid point.  I also raised another issue,
  >Bell South has poured millions of dollars into upgrades for the
  >Olympics in an attempt to get free publicity for their efforts.
  >I submit this increase is a blatant, under-the-table attempt to
  >have the citizens of Alabama cover those expenses when little or
  >benefit is realized by those citizens.