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NJ Rate Payer Advocate Recommends much lower ISDN tariff

  The New Jersey Division of Ratepayer Advocate ("NJRA") found that the Bell
  Atlantic tariff was "out of line with both the costs of providing ISDN
  service and the retail rates charged by [RBOCS] and other exchange
  carriers in other states."  The NJRA is recommending the following
  temporary rate for ISDN is NJ: 
     Monthly recurring cost        $ 10.00
     Per minute usage (2B + D)
         Peak hours                $ 00.0025/minute
         Non-peak	                 $ 00.00125/minute
  Subscriber Line Charge           $  3.50
          Total after SLC          $ 13.50 plus usage fees
  These rates,  $.15 per HOUR peak, and $.075 per HOUR off-peak, for a 128 
  kbps connection (2B)  are fully measured, but very affordable. 
  James Love / love@tap.org / P.O. Box 19367, Washington, DC 20036
  Voice: 202/387-8030; Fax 202/234-5176
  Center for Study of Responsive Law
     Consumer Project on Technology; http://www.essential.org/cpt
     Taxpayer Assets Project; http://www.tap.org