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Re: ISP phone ratio's and Interoffice trunkage for voice

  JWBlevins@aol.com wrote:
  > I wonder about the effect of traffic and time of access. Is Internet traffic
  > for the ISP via dialup heavier at night or day. 
  My Internet provider helpfully provided a URL for their backbone service 
  MFS Data Networks. MFS in turn provide usage graphs by time of day which 
  I amj sure are typical of other Internet traffic. Check out 
  Basicvally it seems that Internet usage, while a bit higher during the 
  day, is pretty constant from 9am to midnight and to get a really quiet 
  time you need to log on at 6am EST.
  For an individual ISP of course much depends on whether their marketing 
  is aimed mainly at business or home users. From what I know of 
  Compuserve's usage patterns, I'd guess residential ISDN would be used 
  mainly from 4pm to midnight with a peak at around 9pm